Human centeR Services Tlač
The starting point of every project is understanding the employer´s needs – the analysis of the requirements for the actual vacancy and outlining the ideal candidate´s profile. On the basis of this specification we decide on the type of recruitment, structure of the interview and ways of testing.
We offer you several reliable methods of candidate search:

Recruitment (search and selection)
The success of this widely used method is based on the exact definition of the requirements for the given vacancy and the work profile set by the client. We choose the most appropriate method of search based on specified criteria. Carefully selected candidates with the best profiles will take part in a structured multistage interview or testing. You receive complete information about the candidate, which will analyse their professional career and describe their personal qualities and overall potential in the given field. In the final stage we will organise your meeting with the most suitable candidates for your final assessment and decision on accepting the candidate for the vacancy.

Executive Search (direct addressing of the candidates) is the most effective method in the search for positions of top, higher and middle management and specialists. This approach is based on a careful analysis of the market, discreet addressing of the candidates, examination and appraisal of professional and personal profiles as well as on our own expert knowledge and experience. For our clients we are not only mediators with the candidates, but also partners for offering consultancy which can profoundly influence the running of a company. We help our candidates to channel their career in accordance with their abilities and ambitions.

Assessment Center focuses on the assessment of those specific skills and knowledge of the candidates, which are inevitable for success in the actual position. This method evaluates the candidates via model interactive individual and group situations, where candidates have to solve different problem cases. Their performance is judged by our specialist and the whole process is observed by one or several appointed persons (managers) of our client. The biggest advantage of this method is the possibility to compare several candidates at once, which makes the whole process of selection considerably shorter and much more effective.

Psychodiagnostics is a complex psychological evaluation examining the communicative, decision-making and problem-solving skills, as well as organisational and managerial skills of the candidates, their mental balance and ability to work under pressure. This method, performed by a psychologist, contributes to a more accurate selection of potential employees. Standardised psychological tests thoroughly examine the personality and the skills of the candidates, thus revealing their risky sides and avoiding conflict situations. We offer personality tests focusing on assessment of the level of extrovertedness, impulsivity, emotional stability, empathy and pressure handling, and performance tests judging the intellectual potential, technical thinking, speed and accuracy of the performance and ability or a proper judgement.

Personal advertising is a discreet way of publicising a concrete profile of your potential candidate via our company. You will be gradually informed about this process. The interviews of your candidates can be held on our premises, where the above mentioned methods of selection can be used.

Language Courses (English and German)
Our language programme covers English and German courses ranging from beginner, intermediate to advanced levels. The proficiency level of the candidates will be assessed by entrance tests. There are general or business courses available in small groups or on a one-to-one basis.

Company events
We also organise company events. After receiving the client´s details regarding the event (occasion, budget, etc.), we see to all the necessary arrangements regarding premises, catering, cultural programme, etc. according to your needs and requirements.

Exceptional people know how to be successful in the competitive market environment. We will find them for you and show you the power of the human potential. It is then completely up to you how you make use of them for the benefit of your company.